We are an independent software company based in Jakarta.


We believe in professionalism when delivering our work in all project stages.  Being professional means we always put customers in the first place.  We never oversell nor promise something that we cannot deliver, but we always maintain can-do attitude on every challenge.  We make every effort to ensure high quality results, and by all that we aim to gain trust from our clients.


We believe in teamwork when delivering any solution that works.  We understand that teamwork means not only do we combine technical and non-technical skills amongst our workforce but also work closely with our client to make sure together we can achieve the project goals.


We believe in innovation to stay abreast and ahead in the industry.  We push ourselves to keep being relevant with the technology.  We always seek to incorporate ideas, products, processes, and technology to deliver more effective solutions for our clients.

Hanoman is an independent software company that always strive to provide the best solution to our clients through implementing innovative and viable technology.  Founded in 2000, Hanoman has been delivering integrated IT solutions and help our clients to stay competitive.

Small, focused, and agile.  That is what we are.  Small because we literally consists only a handful of awesome people.  For us small is beautiful and small is the new big.  Focused because we do things we care and good at.  We prefer to see happy faces of our clients because we deliver.  Agile because we act upon quickly and improve continuously.  That is how we look at IT and business.

This is what we do best

System Integration

We have been focusing our work on business process and integration since the beginning.  Enterprise Application Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, and Business Rule Management System is our core strengths.  We partner with the leading principals such as IBM, Red Hat, and Progress to provide scalable and reliable middleware and business workflow solution for our clients.

Web Application

We leverage our knowledge in web-based technologies and system integration to create web application to fulfill complex business requirements from our clients. We rely on Java EE to deliver robust and multi platform solution, and at the same time we always try to adopt modern web technologies that evolve around HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to enhance user interfaces.

Custom Development

We can provide you with custom application development to support your business from day-to-day online transaction processing to decision making based on business intelligence anytime anywhere using both PC and mobile devices.

From our kitchen

From time to time we bake some ingredients into a sweet product which suitable to the market requirements, unique, and ofcourse provide value-add.  For more information about each product or if you have something in mind and would like to collaborate with us to make it real, feel free to call us or drop a message.

hanoman universal messaging gateway

Universal Messaging Gateway

UMG essentially is a Java based message transformation and routing software.  It acts as a single point of system interface in an enterprise IT environment.  It enables integration amongst legacies through message encoding and decoding.  Behind the scenes, UMG is supported by adapters to connect and to communicate to various hosts and back-end systems.

UMG provides a universal messaging platform that will extremely reduce the number of connections and system interfaces in heterogeneous environment.  UMG can help legacy systems to expose reusable business services.  This behavior fits perfectly in the Service Oriented Architecture initiatives.

hanoman xbrl

eXtensible Business Reporting Language

Our homegrown XBRL solution is used by one of the state-owned banks to generate reports that are comply to the taxonomy issued by the central bank (now governed by the financial services authority).

The Java based solution consists of a web application to manage taxonomies and concept mappings, and a report engine to generate and validate data against the taxonomy.  This simply proves that we can also compete with other popular foreign solution.

hanoman token server

Token Server

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires banks, merchants, financial service providers, and payment processors who store, process, and transmit cardholder information to apply some information security standard.  Token Server helps those entities to minimize the key areas subject to the compliance.

One of the control objectives is to protect stored cardholder data and encrypt its transmission over the network.  The Java based Token Server provides the function to tokenize and detokenize that confidential data.  The generated numerical token is unique and is identifiable using Luhn / Mod 10 algorithm.

Our Clients

We have been very interested in banking and financial industry because of the dynamics and scale.  We always feel challenged whenever there are business requirements or issues related to host integration, availability, performance, and other key areas.  Feel free to call us or drop a message if you want to have further discussion on how we can work things out, thus you can serve your valued customers better.

Bank Tabungan Negara

Bank Tabungan Negara - Syariah

Bank Sinarmas

Bank Internasional Indonesia


Bank Negara Indonesia

Sinarmas Forestry

Honda Prospect Motor

Direktorat Jenderal Bea dan Cukai

Head start your career with us

We constantly recruit young and seasoned talents to empower our team to deliver solution to enterprise customers in banking and other financial institution.  If you think you have what it takes and are challenged with the opportunity, kindly email your cv and any related documents/certifications to hrd@hanoman.co.id

Code Warrior


  • Resourceful, communicative, fast learner, innovative, and good team player

  • Hands on experience with Java EE

  • Comprehend any Java MVC Frameworks

  • Comprehend any Java Persistence Frameworks

  • Comprehend any modern RDBMS

Main Job Description:

  • Participate in solution design

  • Responsible in developing, unit testing, and troubleshooting solution

Web Developer


  • Creative, communicative, fast learner, innovative, and good team player

  • Master in modern web technologies

  • User experience oriented

  • Exposure on mobile development is preferred

Main Job Description:

  • Responsible in user experience design

  • Responsible in developing, unit testing, and troubleshooting solution

Quality Assurance


  • Thorough, communicative, fast learner, innovative, and good team player

  • Hands on experience with testing lifecycle, scenario, and tools

  • Comprehend programming logic

  • Comprehend any modern RDBMS

Main Job Description:

  • Responsible in testing lifecycle

  • Responsible in solution documentation

  • Participate in solution training

Tech. Leader


  • Knowledgeable, proactive, innovative, and good team player

  • Minimum 4 years of experience in solution design and development

  • Master in any Java MVC and Persistence Frameworks, as well as RDBMS

  • Exposure on Service Oriented Architecture/Big Data/Mobile is an advantage

Main Job Description:

  • Responsible in technical team management

  • Responsible in requirement analysis and solution design

  • Responsible in developing, unit testing, deployment, and troubleshooting solution

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